10 Halloween Masks to Wear this 2020 (And Into 2021)

Yeah it’s time for Halloween! Time to put on a costume, potentially go trick-or-treating, get some candy, get all sugared up have the kids splurge on treats before they crash and you put them to bed. But this year certainly does look a little different than most. Some people will not be wearing the traditional Scream Mask for Halloween. While we have been wearing masks for the past seven months, its difficult to transition into the thought of changing the mask we wear every day. 

If you search currently for Halloween masks for sale, more than likely you are getting a different image than you have in years past. You probably are getting an image of a surgical mask or one that you have worn for the past seven months with a print related to that of Halloween. But why? Because our times have changed for the time being at least and adapting is important and crucial to be aware of changes and notice for yourself the way that these changes impact you. So what does this mean? 

Well, it truly does mean a lot more than when it comes to a Halloween mask! What are the masks you wear on a day to day? As humans, we tend to transform, mold, and change. Thinking in terms of yourself, think of all the changes you have experienced in your lifetime! And in this year of 2020 alone! Lots and lots of changes. So we have put on masks (figuratively) more so than ever before! Because we look to try and mold to those around us as well as the changing of times. What if we were given the opportunity to wear a mask of truth telling of our feelings? If people could read it on our faces before having to feel we needed to cover up with the ability to mask how it is we are truly feeling? Here’s some masks to think about as you enter Halloween and some masks to wear all the year through.

        1. Courage 

Facing the pandemic, difficult conversations, and your own emotions has been a challenge this year. And you have done so courageously. Be proud of that and continue to engage in courageous acts. 

        2.  Honesty

This mask comes in so many sizes: the honesty to yourself, to others, and the honesty to be yourself. A challenge at times as conversations can be difficult (maybe layer with courageous mask). Being honest to yourself will help you with mask number 3!

        3. Confidence

Its easy to see yourself as a failure. To see yourself as incapable of being strong. To see yourself as having struggles. Wearing the mask of confidence in different aspects of your life is important to recognize what areas of your life you do well and helps you see other areas too without validation from others. 

        4. Compassion

Having a warm heart and helpful healing for others in difficult times is a needed part of getting through difficult times. Compassion for others will result in compassion for yourself when you are being harsh on your own actions and feelings 

        5. Healing

Processing our emotions can be as sticky as a Milky Way candy bar that’s melted on Halloween! Healing takes time. You may not get to wear this mask for a bit. But when you do, wear it proud and acknowledge that healing takes time. 

        6. Forgiveness

For others. And most importantly for yourself. Look back on the past 7 months. Have you ever in your lifetime experienced something like this before? No?! Didn’t think so! Forgive yourself for not having it together all the time. Rarely anyone truly does. 

        7. Rest

When you need it. But more importantly: when you want to. We get so engrained in thinking we have to be “on” all the time and only rest when we near the point of exhaustion. And most people right now are feeling exhaustion all of the time. Wear this mask proud. 

         8. Love

This seems like an easy one when we have a good support system. So we show love to family, friends, and other loved ones. But how often do we reflect on the love and wear it proud. Love yourself and love yourself hard. You are deserving. 

        9. Acceptance

There are some things we cannot change and cannot control. And although we wish our wizard wand from our Halloween costume was real and we could change things, it just is not the case. Accepting things outwardly will help others to know that you have become at peace with changes and continue to grow 

       10. Strength 

Not just the muscles in your Hulk costume. True strength for moving forward during a really difficult time. For giving yourself credit for navigating emotions. And strength in continuing to move about day to day when it is otherwise difficult to do so. 

So what are your plans this Halloween? Will you watch Halloween movies on Netflix and chill? Will you spend socially distanced time together with family members or friends? And/or will you reflect on the mask you have had for quite some time and reflect on who you are and who you want to be?

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