5 Back To School Supplies You Need On Your List

5 Back To School Supplies You Need On Your List

5 Back To School Supplies You Need On Your List

Okay. You’re reading that right now in the first week of September and might be thinking “what did I forget now?!!” Been there. Done that! I get it. But I promise you this isn’t going to break the bank and surely will be something you can find.

With the loads of back to school sales that we had this year and the years prior, its almost that there was tunnel vision to get in and get out of the stores to get the things that were on the list. And surely its easier said than done when there are items on sale you just know that eventually your child will need. 

Do you feel at times you have just become of those back to school memes? You might have! But we aren’t here to judge that. Instead, we’re here to help you with some of the back to school items you may have not gotten to yet. And that’s okay because most people don’t think of making sure you have some of these items. That’s why this list of 5 baschool supplies was created!

  1. Laughs  

Now. You are probably reading this thinking of how you can package up a laugh. Its difficult to do! And no one wants you to. Because we want this to be all yours. Making time for laughs is important. And when the world is going at a million miles a minute, we want to make sure to enjoy the moments we just can’t control. Checking in with your little one (and yourself) to make sure you have made time to laugh throughout the day even when its really hard will make the transition into the school year that much smoother.

      2. Tears 

Let ‘em flow. That’s right. We aren’t wiping them away. The tears are inevitable as the school year starts and there is a ton of frustration. Busses not on time. Forgetting physical supplies. Not being in class with a friend. Getting used to a new teacher. Forgetting something in school. And for you, the caretaker, feeling exhausted from it all. Let ‘em flow. For you and for your little one. Talk about the natural process of being upset and working through the emotion of frustration. 

      3. Quiet Corner 

One for you and one for your little one. (And yes, we count teenagers as little ones still too!). This is going to be important for the deep breaths needed throughout the day, throughout the week, and to ground yourself and loved one in the morning and night before the day starts. Its important each family member finds a space that works best for them and no two people have the same spot. Did you find your spot yet? This would be a great place to do some grounding techniques. 

      4. Communication

Communication is KEY in reducing the amount of stress happening within the home. This means communicating with less distractions. Sure the world is spinning and spinning fast and its difficult to think of the words we are saying. But its important to pause and make sure communication is clear between one another. In the long run, this prevents from future arguments or conversations needing to be repeated. 

      5. NO 

I have said this before and will say it again. No is definitely a full sentence. And one that is okay to use! You may have A LOT on your already full plate. And the start of the school year just adds more to that plate (think of the school year as the extra food you just wanted on your plate but its still hard to consume because you are full). Ask yourself before you commit to things if this is something you or your child are able to take on at the moment. If the answer is no, the answer is no! Allow yourself to start setting boundaries and to get into the routine of this. 

Season 6 No GIF by Friends


See? That list wasn’t so bad was it? And you don’t have to go out shopping for all new things! You have them all already as a part of you! Happy school year!


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-Andrea Brognano, CEO of Therapy Connection

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