5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Online Mental Health Services

How choosing online therapy can greatly increase your mental health


As a society, we are always looking at new ways to increase our overall wellness. We focus on our physical health and are adding more conversations to how our mental health has an impact on our physical health. In all things we do, we look for a way to be most efficient in the new ideas and changes that we make. So how then can we make sure we efficiently make changes to our mental health. Finding convenience with impact can be difficult for overall mental health services. But we have found the answer: Online Therapy! Below you will find 5 reasons why you should choose online mental health services to impact your life in a positive way.


1. Convenience

In today’s fast paced world, having things at our fingertips seemingly helps us to have access to almost anything. Clothing? Purchase in a snap! Food? Deliver it right to your door! Need contacts for your eyes? No problem! Get an online subscription. Even getting in shape is as easy as following an app to stay healthy and fit. But therapy? We still make the commute to wait in an office to be seen to then commute back home. How great would it be to have therapy right in the palm of your hand?
Online therapy means not sitting in traffic for a commute to your therapist’s office. No more anxious buildup of feelings about your appointment. In an online therapy setting, you’re your session within seconds of the time scheduled with the click of a button. Your therapist will be ready to talk to you. Both place and time are concepts that can often deter someone from receiving services. In an online session, you are able to choose a time that works from you. Whether a break from the work day, a morning session before work, or an evening session after the day, you choose a time that works for you. Not having to schedule around traffic makes it more convenient to dedicate time to your needs.


2. Ease Worries

Let’s face it, sitting in the room of someone you don’t know and laying out all of your thoughts can be a bit intimidating. But when you get to do that in a space you are comfortable in, it doesn’t seem as scary! You are able to video chat in a protected network with a licensed therapist from wherever you feel most comfortable (your couch, your favorite chair, your bed, or even your car on your lunch break!). You are in control of the support you get.
Your therapist is dedicated to YOUR needs. And in online therapy, your worries can be eased in knowing that what is shared between you and your therapist is done in the confines of the session you have together in the space that you choose.


3. Cost Effective

Is it just me or have gas prices remained consistently high for quite some time? And if you are in a larger city, it seems that the cost of taking the bus or rail system has only remained the same or increased. So what impact does this have on therapy?
Simple – add in the cost that it would take for you to get to an office, that can be added to the expense of the session itself. And the more this cost adds up, the less money you will have to spend on the sessions themselves. By excluding the cost of commuting, you are able to save money overall. What a win!


4. Access

Ever been told that you can get an appointment with the doctor in about two months? How about being told you’re going to have to call back after inquiring about a service because the wait list is too long? How frustrating! After searching high and low for someone that might seem like the perfect fit for you, being told that there is a wait list can only add to the already upset mood that you have been feeling. In some cities, finding a therapist within close proximity can be difficult. The access to online therapy has become more convenient with not having to find an office to receive services. Therapy Connection currently offers services throughout all of New York and New Jersey. This means that anyone within these states is able to access online services for therapy regardless of county or city.


5. Match Your Needs

Looking for a therapist that fits your needs can be difficult when you are searching in the section of only the zip code you work or live in. But with online therapy, you get to choose a wider variety of therapists that fit your needs from the entire state of which you live. This helps to identify the perfect match for you in order to get the best quality service. This means that the style of therapy, time of therapy, and therapist themselves are all for your choosing! To get matched with a therapist you can search through Psychology Today or Therapy Den. Our therapists can be found in our directory.

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