Couples Therapy

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Online couples counseling can help your relationship thrive

Relationships are difficult. Relationships are work. You have heard that from friends and family. You aren’t looking for yet another person to tell you this. So what is it you might be looking for?

You are looking for help and guidance for someone to work with you for couples counseling exercises to get through these difficult moments.

You know the value and worth of effective communication with your partner. And to do this, you recognize that filling out couples counseling worksheets without the assistance and guidance of a therapist is not going to get you far. So what do you do?

Online couples therapy makes you stronger

It’s important and best to recognize that by coming to therapy for couples, this does not mean a relationship has failed. Often, this is how we look at therapy. Going to therapy FOR yourself and your partner shows that you want to strengthen your relationship: your communication, your give and take, and your family.

Your therapist will work with you to answer counseling questions for couples. And the questions and points in your relationship that you want to work through.

In addition, going to couples counseling online makes it easier and more convenient than ever to give your partnership the solid foundation it needs.

Don't Wait to Get the Help You Need

Online couples counseling will help you succeed together

Some people choose and recognize by working through therapy with themselves that they also want to work on points in their life with their partner. As you work with your clinician in virtual couples counseling, your therapist may give you homework to work on.

Couples counseling is not going to be a space that both partners come in and a change is made immediately. Couples counseling is work that both partners agree to. Your clinician will work with you as a couple to develop the best treatment and needs for you as a couple.

You both matter as individuals. Now work on how you matter as a couple.

Contact us today so that we can help you be stronger together.

What do I do if my partner does not want to attend therapy with me?

It is often the case that one partner in a relationship does not see the need for therapy. This can be difficult and challenging but it does not mean that the couples counseling will not happen. We recommend speaking and seeking individual counseling if your partner does not want to come in a session together. In doing so, you are able to work on yourself first and the ways in which you can communicate WITH your partner to ensure that your communication of why you want to go to counseling is effective.

What is the goal of couples counseling?

There is no one set goal for what couples counseling is or isn’t. This is between you and your partner. Your therapist’s goal is to ensure that you have and feel a safe space and environment to work through effective communication with your partner to help heal and strengthen your relationship. Each partner may come into counseling with a different goal and mindset. It is important that in the first sessions of working with your therapist that you set up a treatment plan so there is mutual understanding by each partner of what you want as a result of the therapy.

Do you work with same sex couples?

Yes! We work with you and your partner and do not discriminate against any couples regardless of who their partner is. We are here for you both and work with you to identify your needs as a couple: not as persons individually. We are here to create a safe space and environment for all.

continue to use your individual sessions for YOUR needs and not as a session to discuss the topics of other group members.

Don't Wait to Get the Help You Need

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