Earth Day Dreamin’

Ah! The smell of crisp air. The sun shining bright. And not a care in the world. Uhm. Well. Maybe that last part isn’t so true. As the world continues to navigate the pandemic of COVID-19, there seem to be more and more topics and events to worry about. Missed birthdays. Illnesses in the family. The safety of our loved ones. One thing is for sure, there is something we might not have all consciously been thinking about, but it is getting better.

Helping the planet.

With many states in the US in shelter in place, there are less people travelling. Meaning less pollution. Sure you have seen the memes, quotes and poems about it. And its hard to changes your head and heart of the feelings you are just itching to get out, travel, and do SOMETHING. But the world is not in a place right now where that is possible. We have a duty to help one another in these tough times to stop the spread of coronavirus.

So what if we were reminded we have other duties too? And what if being at home right now during shelter in place was the best time to reflect on those and take action?

Today, on Earth Day, its time to reflect on the things you could be doing to make the Earth a cleaner place to live. All that time you have at home? Spend it on DIY projects with the items you have lying around the house and recycle some of the items you would be throwing out anyway.

As you spring clean, you may realize you have tons of waste to get rid of. So do! But, do so by turning some of that waste into reused items. A good friend of mine, Kayla Virga, recognizes often that Earth is our home. So we must care and nurture our home. She has always ensured she is doing what she can to protect our planet. Check out the below image!


See those jars? Those are pickle jars! Kayla repurposed them. She used some paint she had lying around her home and turned them into a useful decor item. I’d say they are pretty and purposeful wouldn’t you?

On this Earth day, look around your home. What are the items that you can use to lessen the waste of the planet. As we flatten the curve, lets flatten the pollution build up too. What items do you have in your home that you are either throwing out? If you stop and take a look, you more than likely can make something new from those items.

Need some time to think about what items you might need to get rid of? Take a full hour today to take a break and make that list. With good ol pen and paper. (Recycle it later of course). In a completely digital world that we are all in, our electric energy is being used significantly lately. Take a break and unplug the computer. For: an hour. Use that time to make a list of the items around your home that you can repurpose and plan out days that you can do that while you are home. Tag us on Instagram with your finished products!

Happy Earth Day folks! Stay safe and well!

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