Grounding Techniques

What is the first term, scenario, or feeling you get when you hear the word ground? It could be similar terms such as, planted or centered. When you wake up in the morning, your feet are grounded on your bedroom floor. Like myself, you may stretch, yawn, go to the bathroom and proceed with your day. Some of us are usually not the nicest person in the morning, which is okay because the ultimate goal is to use grounding techniques to get through your day. 


What does Grounding mean? According to Dr. Diana Raab on Psychology Today, When we ground ourselves, we’re calming or slowing down our emotions and getting more in touch with our internal and external worlds.” Sounds like this would be a great start for the morning right? Grounding techniques include bringing awareness and focus to self in the present moment. 

Some say “how you start off your day sets the tone for your day.” Let’s walk through some grounding techniques for anxiety to have you set a positive tone for your day. One of the most infamous grounding techniques is called “54321.” Keep in mind our morning scenario, however this can be used if you just need to take 5 to 15 seconds to breathe throughout the day. 


5- Bring awareness to 5 things you see in your present moment

4-Bring awareness to 4 things you can feel in your present moment 

3-Bring awareness to 3 things you can hear in your present moment

2-Bring awareness to 2 things you smell in your present moment 

1-Bring awareness to 1 thing you can taste in your present moment


Did you notice anything with this technique? It’s our 5 senses that we already use throughout our busy day without even noticing. Who knew it could help us gather our thoughts and come back to the present day. I encourage you to try it in the morning along with meditation music played softly in the background, just for a little razzle dazzle of grounding! Also, you can go for a walk, practice yoga, hold a piece of ice, or even put on your favorite cologne/perfume! We do all of these grounding techniques daily and who knew we can incorporate them to have us become present in the moment. 

Remember to breathe. Remember to smile. Remember it is okay to re-ground yourself. Stay beautiful inside & out. You can do this 🙂


Tatyanna Frost 

Guest Blog Writer & Therapy Connection Intern

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