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Teen Group

Sessions Held virtually for NY clients 5pm every Thursday for 1.5 hours

Beginning 12/1/2022

$35 per week

The month of December will focus on:

Week 1: Coping skills and learning to control.

Clients will explore their own set of skills and ways to cope with anxieties or overwhelm they may have. Clients will explore the pressures that they have around the holidays or those they have had throughout the school year.

Week 2: Conflict resolution skills/ anger management skills

Clients will explore the definition of conflict and how to hone in on skillsets to explore anger management. Clients will learn tools to engage in healthy conversation when the emotion as a result has been anger.

Week 3: New year goal setting

Clients will explore what it means to have a new year goal. Clients will set realistic goals for themselves and discuss what putting pressures on themselves might do.

Week 4: Kindness and empathy. The act of gift giving and giving back

Clients will learn what kindness and empathy might do for them by exploring this with others

Group Leader

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