How Everlasting Love Means Loving Yourself First

There are the people that share love from every pore of their body: flashing what they received from their significant other, showing off fancy dinners, and all the Shakespear-esq love quotes in the world. Then you have those that consider Valentine’s Day to be a holiday that is made up just to increase sales of chocolates and flowers. The holiday where you are scraping together some scrap-book type items and every year you see people trying to top what they did the year before. 

And then you have us: the reminders of LOVING YOURSELF FIRST. 

That’s why we created this post after Valentine’s day. When the chocolate has set in. When the flowers are just beginning to wilt. But when your love needs to continue most. Sure, we can say this post is a standard need for every day of the year. But it’s most obvious around February that you need to tap back into the things you love most about, well, YOU.

And, no, we aren’t saying that comes easy. And we aren’t saying it comes at all. But we are here to tell you why loving yourself is so necessary. Sure it’s easy to throw around the good ‘ol “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” And while that’s true, it’s not the only saying that matters when you think about self-care and self-love.

Let’s take a moment for you to reflect. Not on the past hour, or day, or year. REALLY reflect on your life. Have you had moments where you can say you really loved yourself? Maybe there were moments where you didn’t realize you loved yourself. But maybe there were moments you can say that you truly loved the MOMENT. 

Far too often when we think about those moments, we think about the event and not about how we felt. Feelings of true love for ourselves are important. In what ways do you often show yourself self love? Is it in the self-care routine you have? When that goes away, you give less value to who you are as a person. Do you show self-love in the way you talk about yourself? If you wake up in the morning and begin to talk negatively about yourself, that continues on throughout the day. One small negative thought can continue to trickle into your entire day, week, month, etc. We need to stop the negative talk and fill up with some positive self-love.

We challenge you to reflect. Sit alone for 3 minutes. Three short minutes. Allow yourself the time to compliment yourself. Do it again tomorrow. And the next day. By filling your mind with love about yourself, it will start to show. We guarantee it. 


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