How to be a More Passionate Person

Most of us admire and look up to people who are highly passionate. Sometimes they might frustrate or aggravate us sure, but deep down that’s often because we wish we could be them: we wish we could follow our passions, speak our mind and live life to the fullest.
Well guess what: you can. Being passionate isn’t a matter of genetics – it’s a choice. And once you know that that’s what you want, it’s something that’s very much worth working towards. Read on and let’s look at some things you can do to start living a more passionate life right now…

Be Who You Really Are – With No Apologies
The most important thing you need to do to be truly passionate, is to be who you really are and to not apologize for it. That means that you should follow what interests you no matter how weird or strange it is. When you do what you love, you give it 100% and when you give it 100% then you do it better. Don’t do the thing that’s expected of you – do the thing that you really want to do.

Speak Your Mind
This extends generally to stopping worrying what people think. Notice how passionate people always seem to be shouting or proclaiming their love? They are in films and TV anyway. This is because they are following their heart and not worrying what others think. Most of us are so afraid to speak our minds because we think we’re going to offend people that we end up walking around with our heads down. You’ll still offend people – because it’s impossible not to – so you might as well be you and have a good time while you’re doing it.

Get Back Your Energy
What’s also important if you want to be passionate and full of life is to get your energy back. To be passionate, you need to indulge yourself in the things you love. And to do that you can’t be brow beaten and exhausted all the time. If life and work always seem to be on top of you, then it’s time to make a change by spending less time commuting and working and more time eating right, getting sunshine and going to the gym. If it seems like life will get on top of you if you take time out, then that’s sign enough that something needs to change!

Safe Safe  and Be Well

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