How to Get Through the Holiday Season: 5 Quick Tips to staying Calm in the Storm of the Season

The storm is coming. No, not the weather forecast. The storm of the holidays. And if you haven’t already felt the wave of all that goes on, you soon will. The holidays seem to all spill into one another, you blink, and then its over. But how can you actually find the time to enjoy the holidays rather than just rushing through it all? Below are 5 tips to keep you from feeling the storm during the season.


1. Give Thanks

Have you ever genuinely thanked someone with a frown on your face? If you we’re genuinely thanking someone for something, there is a HIGH chance that you did not. Showing gratitude releases endorphins, happy thoughts, and warm feelings. Try it. Go ahead. Think of something you need to thank someone for. Did you smile? I bet you did! Now think of how you feel? You’re probably feeling good to have something to be thankful for. Giving thanks during the holiday season can keep you feeling joyful in the times that become hectic and stressful. Once a day during the holiday season reflect on what you are thankful for that day. It will make the holiday rush much more enjoyable (the way it should be).


2. Make a List (and check it twice)

You’ve made your list. You’ve checked it twice.

Wait: you haven’t made a list?!

Keeping a list of the things you need to get done for the holidays can not only help you stay organized, it can also help you stay calm. The holidays can become chaotic. Whose house to go to on what day. What food item to bring where. What ingredients do you need. And presents? AGH! Don’t forget cousin Suzy! For those of you that you’re your list small: awesome and hats off to you. But for those of you that have family and friends galore and the list of gift giving grows: keep it organized. This will also help you from overspending when you get to the store. Make the list and stick to it. Use a planner to track out your shopping days, your decorating days, and the days you are visiting with people. Then check it twice.

3. Budget

The gifts. The décor. The food. The events. Did reading all that make you start to feel anxious about the cost? It may have! It all adds up! So when it comes time for the holidays, budgeting is important. Setting a budget and sticking to it can decrease the anxious feeling behind spending. Because those bills? They don’t stay with you at the holidays. They travel into the new year with you. And you still have to pay them. Set a budget for what you will spend on each category and stick to it. Use Black Friday for a chance to see what items are on sale and when to go shopping so you can save.


4. Remember You are One Person

Ever see the movie Four Christmases? And while that funny fictional movie can be a hoot to some, to others it is their reality. Being split in multiple directions during a time of the year when you want to spread love and joy can make one resentful of the holidays. More times than not, our obligations to others is based off how that person will feel if we don’t spend the holiday season in the way they expect us to. Keep in mind you are to be in control of your own life. Easier said than done sometimes when it comes to the holidays. Explaining to your loved ones that this year you just cannot be in multiple places at one time may not go over easy. Its important to keep in mind the quality of time you are spending. Reiterate this to your loved ones and ask to start a new tradition celebrating on a different day!


5. Make Time for Self Care

Yes. Believe it or not, part of staying out of the storm during the holidays is making sure to treat yourself too! Whatever the best self care routine for you is, follow it! ESPECIALLY during the time of the year that might be most chaotic for you. Ever take time for yourself and the next day feel SO energized? Its because you finally unplugged and recharged. During this time of the year, sit back, relax, and reflect. and putting yourself part of the routine. You had that in routine. Schedule the time for yourself if you must. But don’t skip it.


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