Instagram Update: How Instagram Not Showing Number of Likes Impacts Mental Health

But first, let me take a selfie!

Okay! Okay! Now that you have taken the most perfect picture, layered it with a few filters, its time to see those likes scroll in. Three minutes have passed. How many likes did you get? Let’s compare it to Jessie’s photo she put up yesterday! XoInstaFamousoX and others liked the photo. And others? Let’s click to see actually how many others. Only Jessie can see? That doesn’t seem right! How am I going to know how many people like her photo? How can I compare to how many people like mine?!

You may have noticed that Instagram no longer shows you how many people have liked someone’s post. And it’s for your own good! Far too often do we try to observe and compare our lives to others. Even when you think you don’t, think back to a time that you have looked at someone else’s account and maybe have glanced at that number of likes they have on a post.


These likes largely impacts the way that you treat yourself, others, and the information you share. So with the new update, how has this impacted the way in which you perceive others and yourself? Do you notice yourself still comparing to others? Have your anxieties of keeping up with others been eased? Or are you more curious than ever?

We have been noticing that there is mix. While change is always something that people take time to get used to, its more important to look at why this type of change affects you. Why is it that the update impacts the way in which you engage on social media? Or the way in which you move on throughout your day?

If after reading this it has come to your mind that maybe you are someone that has been impacted by that number, its time to work on your self care and confidence. As a reminder, more often than not, people are only posting the highlight reel of their long life. They don’t often show you the hardships, the struggles, or the moments in life that aren’t as joyous and glamorous. We suggest you take this time to look at the update and reflect on your own highlight reel of life of the things that maybe you have not shared on social media. Maybe there are moments in your life you didn’t share because you didn’t think that they would get as many likes as the next person.

Think about those moments.

Did they make you smile? If so. GOOD. Those are YOUR moments. And you will like and cherish them way more than anyone else.


If you or someone you know needs time to reflect with support, contact us today.

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