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Leadership is your responsibility, it’s my responsibility, in fact we all have the duty to live as leaders. Many will read that first line and think, I’m not a leader, I don’t have any title, power or influence over people… with those thoughts in mind, I’d venture to guess that your picture of leadership is much too narrow. It’s time to shift your perspective and start calling yourself a leader.


These next few blogs I’ve put together for y’all will discuss the importance of leadership and mental health and the ways they are connected and interdependent. We’ll cover caring for the mental health of others, the loneliness of leadership, healthy accountability and language as a leader.  However, before we dive in, let’s get back to changing your perspective on leadership.


So you may not be the CEO of a company and maybe you are, when it comes to leadership, this is honestly irrelevant. Well why is that? Aren’t we all striving to move up and advance positions in our jobs to a leadership role? You know, climb the proverbial ladder! Sure you may be trying to do that, and good for you, but that doesn’t make you any better or worse at leadership.


Leadership is about leaving others better than you found them. You don’t need a specific role in your company as a leader to do this. Yet we all strive to achieve leadership roles where one day we will be in that coveted position. We’ve done a disservice to ourselves and to others when we place leadership on a pedestal as something which we will one day achieve. Leadership isn’t a one day aspiration it’s a today action. Let me explain further


In one of my leadership workshops, I ask students to list the top qualities of people they know in leadership. Wherever I ask the question across the country, students come up with a large and diverse list of characteristics. You can probably imagine, and you’d list them too, but some of the common qualities listed include honesty, responsible, caring, trustworthy, and courageous. Immediately after asking students to create their list, I ask, “What’s stopping you from being all of these qualities right now?” Generally the answer, is nothing other than their and your own mind. 


You are limiting your potential!




The world needs you to knock over that pedestal of leadership that says one day I’ll be in a position of power where people expect me to act a certain way. We need your leadership qualities in your daily life starting NOW. Join me in knocking over the pedestal. 


You are a leader! You are making this world a better place by being in it every day. Start embracing your leadership impact, regardless of title, power or position. 


Still unsure how you can do that? The next few blogs I post will share with you a few ways you can start.


Until next time, keep chasing the awesome life!

Nick D


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