Maeling Ruiz, LMHC

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Maeling Ruiz, LMHC

You came here looking for a safe space. A place to ease your mind, your stress, and your overwhelm. Maybe its the day to day frustration. Or maybe you have experienced something in your life that you need a space to call your own to navigate the emotions you feel. It may even be that you are not sure what you are feeling. What you do know, is you now realize its time to get support. Through our counseling sessions, we will work together to get you feeling your best and help you recognize that you deserve a space and time to be able to have your needs met.
Do you often feel like you are struggling to be able to be heard? Maybe its a time in your life where you feel that even the people you usually turn to are not the only support you need. Let’s work together to find you a space that will keep you free from feeling judged and allow you to have the space you need and deserve to speak about what is weighing on your mind and body.
In life, we can often find that we are not on solid ground. It can be overwhelming and just make us feel that we have lost all control. You might be in a space now where you want to gain life back: take control and own the things you are doing. That is what this space is for: FOR YOU.
I am licensed in New York. I specialize in anxiety, depression, trauma, and the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I work with individuals and couples in all counties and towns including North Hempstead, Buffalo, Albany, and Garden City.


My work with families has allowed me the opportunity to navigate the understanding of people in all different backgrounds. I focus on bringing content and approaches that will be individualized to your needs. Together we will find the tools that meet your needs so that you have care that is designed for you.

Treatment Modalities/Specializations

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Mindfulness

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