Spring Cleaning for Your Soul: Nurture Joy in the Small Moments

Spring Cleaning for Your Soul: Nurture Joy in the Small Moments

Did you ever notice that the miraculous-seeming “big” things are actually a collection of very small things all grouped together?

Being able to view the world as a whole made up of miniscule yet necessary pieces is the first step in understanding how even “little things” that you do can make a big impact on the world at large.

In today’s Spring Cleaning for Your Soul challenge, you will put into practice the art of seeking and finding joy in the small and seemingly insignificant moments of our day.

Being joyful has everything to do with being present. Think of the beauty of the spring season that is unfolding before us. That beauty comes on slowly at first, yet is fleeting. The fleeting quality of spring demands that we stay present at just the right time if we’re to fully experience and enjoy the moment.

The tiny green buds on the trees don’t rush through their process to become leaves bursting forth from branches. Instead, they take all of the time that they need to become fully prepared and ready before emerging into a new and evolved life form.

The flowers, too, each make their gradual, timed entrance into the symphony of color, scent and texture that is springtime on planet earth.

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Likewise, if you long for a deeper and more connected life experience, then you must master the practiced art of slowing down and living in the present.

If you’re tired of rushing through your every minute, and you long to really savor each drop of precious nectar that is your life, then teach yourself how to slow down and live mindfully.

Mindfulness in your relationships could look like creating pleasure-filled rituals that you make the time for in your family life and friendships.

Mindfulness in your emotional life could look like spending time in solitude where you can soak in the beauty of nature while reflecting on all the good things that have come to you. Mindfulness in your career could be taking that extra step to make sure the job is done right, and not rushing or taking short cuts.

Journaling Exercise: How Will You Nurture Meaning into Your Moments?

Pick up your pen and writing pad; it’s time to sit with your thoughts in a meaning-filled journaling moment.

Write down five activities that you take pleasure in during your everyday life.

Are you finding time to be mindful in these special moments? Or are you rushing to the end, or becoming distracted and disconnected?

An example of this could be how you are when you spend quality time with your kids. Do you take them to the park but then sit with your nose in your smart phone the whole time?

What can you do differently to make your family jaunt to the park a more pleasurable, connected, and joy-filled experience? How can you help yourself stay mindful and present?

Decide what you might be able to do differently in order to prolong enjoyment of your favorite activities. Jot down some helpful suggestions to follow.

Set Your Intention:

Commit to the activities that you listed in your prior journal example. Follow through by engaging fully each time you do something that you’ve made plans to enjoy, either alone or with family and friends.

Stay Safe and Be Well

-The Positive Professional 

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