Why Therapy is Still Important Even When You're Feeling Great

Summer Sunshine and Mental Health: Why Therapy is Still Important Even When You’re Feeling Great

Ah, summer, that delightful season of long sunny days, warm temperatures, and a feeling of lightness in the air. For many of us, the summer months bring an unmistakable sense of happiness and well-being. With school out, schedules looser, and vacation time beckoning, it’s easy to feel more relaxed, carefree, and joyful during these bright months.

The uplifting feelings of summer lead some people to question whether they still need to prioritize self-care practices like therapy when life is already going so well. However, as therapeutic professionals, we’re here to remind you that nurturing your mental health through activities like therapy should be an ongoing priority, regardless of how cheerful and happy you might be feeling in any given season.

Here are three great reasons why continuing therapy in the summer, even when you’re in high spirits, can be so valuable:

  1. Sustain and build on your progress

If you’ve been seeing a therapist, chances are you’ve put in hard work examining personal concerns, building coping skills, and growing in profound ways, even if the summer bliss has you feeling like you’re soaring. Therapy is a journey, and just because you’ve reached a sunlit meadow doesn’t mean it’s time to wander away from the path.

Using the summer months as a break from therapy can potentially allow your momentum to stall and old patterns to re-emerge when the excitement of summer transitions into other seasons. Staying engaged in your therapeutic process during the good times helps solidify the strides you’ve made and further reinforces the insights and strategies you’ve developed.

Think of it like going to the gym. If you take an extended break after making excellent strength and conditioning gains, you’ll eventually lose much of that hard-earned progress. Continuing therapeutic maintenance, even when you’re feeling great, helps sustain and build upon the mental and emotional “muscles” you’ve been developing.

         2. Find deeper self-awareness and optimism

When was the last time you paused to revel in the sheer delight of feeling happy, content, and at peace with your life? For many, the buoyant nature of summer cheerfulness is something to be grateful for but not analyzed too studiously.

However, making space in therapy to consciously examine what’s making you feel so upbeat and grounded can lead to profound revelations about your values, your inner strengths, and the people and activities that unleash your best self.

Working with your therapist to dive into the roots of your summer radiance can unearth insights about aligning your lifestyle with your core needs more consistently, cultivating an optimal environment for your individual growth, and finding an expansive sense of hope about your ability to create a fulfilling life journey.

Those gaining such galvanizing wisdom are primed to carry their summer optimism with them into other seasons, buffering against the challenges and strains that inevitably come. Rather than being a fleeting summertime bliss, this work can instill self-assurance that flourishing is possible year-round.

         3. Address lingering growth areas without judgment

While general life satisfaction and summer sunshine put a spring in many people’s steps, that doesn’t mean there aren’t aspects of living that could still benefit from some compassionate self-work. In the therapeutic setting, the joyful summer months can be an opportune time to tend to personal growth areas or lingering struggles without heaviness or urgency.

Maybe you still occasionally have bouts of hyper self-criticism that harsh your sunny outlook. Or perhaps there are some relational patterns or communication habits you’ve been wanting to explore with more clarity and self-acceptance. Summer’s carefree vibes can provide the perfect low-stress environment to compassionately gain traction in these areas.

Your therapist can help you approach these topics from a centered, curious, and grounded place—not from anxiety or negativity. Making incremental headway while your spirits are high allows you to move towards your aspirations from a place of personal солнечность rather than feelings of deficiency.

The summer fun doesn’t have to be put on pause to engage in this work. In fact, your therapist can help you engage in these explorations through activities, discussions, and mindfulness practices that harness the sweet airiness and optimism that summertime affords.

No matter how cheerful, warm, and satisfying your summer days may feel, prioritizing your mental health care through therapy is so worthwhile. Any season of life can bring opportunities for potent personal growth work. Why not spend these precious sun-soaked months nurturing your mind, heart, and spirit in ways that will help you flourish even brighter all year long?

At our practice, we’re honored to support our clients through all of life’s cycles and seasons. If you’re ready to savor the joy of summer while nurturing your mental wellness through therapy, we welcome you to get in touch to schedule a consultation.

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