The New Year Deserves a New You

Ah! That time of year. Where we come to make resolutions and plans for what the year ahead will be like. Is this coming year about health? Maybe wealth? Maybe being financially healthy? No matter what your resolution is, its great to sit and reflect on what you can aim towards improving in the new year (getting healthier, getting more in shape, eating better meals, etc. – you know the drill).

Have you been there before though? Setting the same goals for yourself year after year. In thinking about our resolutions and reflecting, how many times have you had this resolution before? 5 years or more? So why is it we continue to repeat the same goals we want to work on. Sure it may be the case that they are important to us. And maybe in the beginning we have that go get ’em attitude. So in thinking about when we fall off, we can come to realize its at about the 6th month mark that we fall short of our resolutions. When June rolls around and the hot dogs come out. And pool time is the main priority. We can shout from our lungs in January that “THIS IS THE YEAR I WILL GET HEALTHY” But what does that really mean if we don’t put action to our words? Think about any past resolutions you have had. Or goals you wanted to achieve. Most are genuine ideas shared with friends. Had you stuck to them? Had it been difficult to? What was the difference.

Follow these few tips to keep yourself on track this year, no matter what your goal is:

1. Set a Plan

You’ve heard it before: When you write things down they become real. And its true! Did you know that you are more likely to stick and commit to your goal if you actually write it down. Giving yourself a clear cut plan of what you want your goal to be and working backwards of how you will get there can seem less overwhelming. Push yourself to write out exactly what it is that you need to do to achieve the goal. Include things such as who will support you, how much time will you dedicate. Breaking off these pieces will help you to better digest the overwhelming thought of meting a large goal.

2. Accountability Partner

Having an accountability partner is having someone that is going to call you out when you’re slacking, giving you that boost to go in the best possible way. When choosing this person, you should choose someone that you know can nudge you and not walk on eggshells to deliver the message of your lack of motivation. And when they do, you have to remember that this is what you wanted and needed. It may be someone that has the same goals as you. Or it may be someone that doesn’t and can take a look at how far you have come (or have not). Choosing someone before you start your action plan will help you stay in line. Just make sure to choose someone that can be held accountable for holding you accountable!

3. Make it a priority if it is

Planning for a lunch with friend may come easy. Planning when you will grocery shop is usually a weekly routine. Even planning to have to attend someone’s wedding gets written into your calendar. But do we ever really plan to put ourselves as a priority? Usually not. And that is often the downfall.


4. Narrow down on what you want to change

You have been just DYING to learn how to make a chocolate souffle for YEARS. And oh how great it would be to learn Spanish. While you’re at it, you may as well learn to play the piano. You do have 12 months after all. Right? And surely with the baking for others you won’t be eating any of the goods because you have sworn that THIS is the year you will be the healthiest version of yourself.

Sound like too many topics to juggle? That’s because it is. Prioritize! Setting yourself up to fail by wanting to achieve so many different ventures in your life is only going to look and feel overwhelming. Master one thing at a time. And set realistic goals of what it is that you want to achieve. If you know you don’t have enough time to dedicate to learning a new language, it might not be in your best interest to decide that as a goal this year.

5. Praise for progress

Marathon. Not a sprint. Its important to remember to give yourself praise for the small milestones that you accomplish along the way of your journey. Make sure to notice them and commend yourself as you get there. Don’t look ahead at how much is left. Look at how far you have come. Ever been told by someone you were doing a good job? How did it feel? Ever been told by someone that you were doing a horrible job and could do better? How did that feel? Think about these moments when you give yourself feedback.


Following these tips can provide you with a greater outcome for your future goals. You deserve that for yourself.


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