The Sunday Scaries and How to Keep them from Negatively Impacting Your Work Week

Halloween is over but the nightmares are not. Wait. Are they really nightmares when they happen BEFORE you go to bed? Hm. I don’t think so. But what if they happen with such high intensity, like they do on many Sunday evenings? That, my friend, is an anxious feeling about the week ahead. Many call it the Sunday Scaries.

Sure we can sit here and laugh at the silly name. We can make a meme or two about it. The truth is, for many: the Sunday Scaries are real intense anxious feelings that many don’t know how to avoid. And since this term has become so commonplace in our world, it has almost become acceptable to feel this way. But who truly wants to have their stomach knotted up all tight and/or nauseous after enjoying a fun weekend? Not me! It is important to know where these anxious feelings are coming from. And sometimes, that’s the hardest part. Below are a few tips to get through those Sunday Scaries. Try them tonight!

Pinpoint the Problem

While this may seem difficult to do, it is a necessary step. Identifying what has you worried and anxious will help to better address the issue. When do you often get this feeling. Is it closer to night time? Earlier on Sunday? Does it happen weekly? When you begin to feel the anxious feelings, recognize your thought right before that feeling. What was it you were thinking about? What was it you were doing? Targeting the feeling to a thought helps to identify the cause.



Journaling can be one of the most powerful tools and yet is one many people shy away from. While you sit in your bed reflecting on the weekend or worrying about the week ahead, write both of those types of feelings down! The more thoughts you can get out of your mind, the more clearly your mind can think. Journal about the positive events that may have occurred over the weekend. Journal about the anxious feeling of the week ahead. Reflect on both. Notice how you feel when looking at the items you are reflecting over. This can be a true sign into what is happening in your life and can be an are that you need to target for change.


Speak to Someone

While targeting the issue and writing your thoughts on paper can make a great impact, its also important that if these feelings continue, you seek someone to talk to. Spending time to sift through the issues and your thoughts will allow you a space to work through these anxious feelings. It may be that there needs to be a change in your life but you are having difficulty with making the change. It may be that the overwhelming stress continues to pile up and you don’t feel you even have the time to put yourself as a priority. I need you read that again. Not being able to put yourself first, is all the more reason you SHOULD. By speaking to someone not associated with the feeling, you will be able to voice your concerns and work through any possible way of resolving the issue.


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