Traditions: Outdated or Underrated?

The holidays are over and you are settling into the new year. Do you even remember what happened over the holidays? It was a whirlwind of goodies, presents, and TRADITIONS. Had you even realized that you maybe had traditions?

Sometimes, we don’t think of the things we do as tradition. For me, its everyone waking up at the same time to gather around the tree to open presents. We each take a turn opening one and seeing the bright faces of the other person as they open gifts. Reading Christmas books to my niece each year warms my heart. And whether she likes it or not, that tradition is carrying out all the way through her early twenties (at the very least!). Sharing recipes for cookie making alongside my best friend (and often messing up the recipe and making some new concoction). Not only do these traditions happen every year, they give me a time to reflect on what is important: my values.

I value the time that I have with the people I love. I value spending moments and having memories to reflect on. And I value connecting with others when it seems all other things in the world have stopped at the moment.

So as the holidays wind down, its often a time for me to reflect on what I hold near. But is the winter holiday season the only time that traditions need to happen?

The answer to that is a big ol jolly NO!

It is often that there are moments throughout the rest of the year that can also call for tradition. Setting up traditions for throughout the rest of the year can help you to hold onto the values that you know and love. But it’s a matter of recognizing what those near and dear traditions are. Take the time today to look at the year ahead. What are some traditions you may already have? Do you plan to continue them this year? How will that impact your life, and do they align with your values? Keeping traditions help you keep memories. So keep it up!

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